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Attitudes to Data Management Report 2021

How do consumers and businesses feel about data management practices, and what can be done to close the gap between expectation and reality?

The Background:

In 2020, MyLife Digital created two surveys which were completed by over 400 consumers and organisations in the UK. This consisted of:

  1. A consumer survey to understand how individuals feel about the way that their data is collected, used, and managed by the organisations they interact with.
  2. A survey directed at businesses to get an understanding of the data practices within their organisation, how it relates to their consumers, and their plans for the future.

What the report contains:

  • Key results of the two surveys mentioned above.
  • Correlations and differences between the two audiences.
  • Recommendations for businesses on how to ensure that their practices align more closely with the expectations of the consumer, as well as enabling them to meet legal and ethical standards.

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