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Don’t waste your Dev cycles on Consent and Preference Management, Buy a CPMP.

Can't be GDPR'sed? Chances are, as a Dev, compliance is the last thing you want to concern yourself with. Whether the wording on your sign up form is exactly right for your jurisdiction's data privacy laws, or whether the checkbox labels are detailed enough is unlikely to emote excitement and intrigue for your average developer. That's Content, That's Marketing’s Job... That's Right.

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Whether a webform is compliant will ultimately come down to sign-off from your Data Protection Officer. They will make a call about wording, privacy notices and what options need to be present to allow the organisation to provide the services it needs and use the data it collects compliantly, but here’s the rub… 

This is great when the rules are established, but with the advent of GDPR the rules shifted. The legislation itself is still finding its feet, what is acceptable and unacceptable is still being determined as trial cases and precedents are established.  

The need for consent to be granular also provides a challenge, making it unacceptable to continue to group them into one ‘All Purpose’ option. The downside of these is that for every adjustment in legislation, every additional consent purpose, the work keeps landing on you, the developer, to make the changes. What begins as a small cost starts to mount up as the number of changes increase. 

Regulations like the GDPR and CCPA require consent to be explicit and granular. In a modern organisation collecting data is essential and the ability to use that data for communications and insight, critical. This presents a problem. Gaining and recording consent to use data compliantly is now essential but often it’s just not there. 

Enter Consent and Preference Management Platforms. 

A Consent and Preference Management Platform (CPMP) like Consentric allows for an organisation to easily collect compliant consents and preferences from their customers. More importantly, it allows developers to implement it once, and then forget about it. 

Once implemented, DPOs and Marketeers can manage their options in a third party system. Making as many changes as they deem fit to wording, consent options, privacy notices and privacy policies themselves all without having to request changes through the Dev team. 

CPMPs like Consentric provide embeddable components in the form of Javascript widgets that can be dropped into your web and app assets. These can be styled to match your branding and will automatically reflect configuration changes made by your DPO and Marketing Teams through a management UI. Multiple configurations can be created and managed to reflect different user journeys and use cases, each able to collect consent and preferences specific to that workflow.  

All of these are then collected centrally and can be integrated into additional data processing systems for campaign management, machine learning, etc. 

The second big advantage for developers in particular, is that a CPMP provides touchpoints across an organisation’s customer support and sales stack as well. This ensures that Consent and Preferences can be updated by salespeople, call centre and mail house operatives, as well as by the customer directly. All of these integrations help take development work and support costs away from you and your team. 

A CPMP provides a central location and a source of truth for consent and preference data. This makes it easy to aggregate an organisation’s consent data from multiple source systems and give a single view of a customer’s consent across the organisation, as opposed to just one system. On top of this, some CPMPs also have an Open API which allows for further customisations and future-proofing as your own software stack evolves with the needs of your customers and specific markets. 


A CPMP is a great way to minimise the impact of compliance changes on your development team and a great tool to ensure that you can concentrate on the bigger issues of the day. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a CPMP and Consentric in particular you can Request Access to Our Sandbox or Book a Demo to find out more. 

Aaron Provis

Aaron Provis

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