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Compliance Guide

4 Steps To Compliance In A Modern Organisation

A cross-functional compliance approach to consent and preference management

  1. Ensure Compliance supports your organisation’s customer engagement needs
  2. Operationalise customer engagement journeys
  3. Demonstrate accountability in the collection of consent and preferences 
  4. Keep on top of evolving data protection regulations
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Step #1

Ensure Compliance Supports Your Organisation's Customer Engagement Needs

Compliance Working Together With Business Units To Improve Customer Engagements 

What Does Your Organisation Want?

  • To be able to communicate with customers compliantly. 
  • To have up to date information about what customers want. 

Why Can't I give My Business Units what they want?

  • Compliance is seen as an obstacle. 
  • Customer experience is often seen at odds with compliance. 

What's the Solution?

  • Create cross functional processes that support customer engagement strategies without adding additional compliance overhead. 
  • Introduce a single source of truth for all consent and reference choices.

How does this help me?

  • Collaboration between compliance and business units gives confidence that processes are fit for purpose. 
  • Assurance that communications to customer are compliant. 

Step #2

Operationalise Customer Engagement Journeys

To Meet Data Protection

What does your business want?

  • Flexibility to change customer facing consent & preference requests. 
  • Capabilities to manage changes without IT support.
  • Confidence that changes remain compliant.

Why can't I give my business units what they want?

  • Customer facing changes need IT support. 
  • Compliance sign off adds to often lengthy processes. 
  • Siloed processes do not ensure consistent messages across different customer touchpoints. 

What's the solution?

  • Intergrate compliance into business as usual processes. 
  • Give business units the capability to update requests and be confident they remain compliant.  
  • Implement capabilities that can deploy consistently across different touchpoints.

How does this help me?

  • Reduced compliance resource to sign off minor changes.
  • Working together with business units gives confidence that they follow best practice. 
  • Ability to scale quickly, with less reliance or cost on IT when maintaining and updating systems. 
  • Consistency of messages across the customer facing touchpoints.

Step #3

Demonstrate accountability In the collection of consent & preference

What does your business want?

  • To see what information was displayed to customers at the time of collecting their data.
  • To analyse how customers respond to different consent & preference requests. 

Why Can't I give My business units what they want?

  • This detail of what was displayed to customers is not stored in business facing systems.
  • The information is not collected granularly enough to use for analysis. 

What's the Solution?

  • A fully audited system collecting consent, preferences and associated meta data. 
  • A business visible solution that empowers all relevant units and personnel to see what information was given to customers. 
  • Key metrics to demonstrate where consent and preferences are being given or removed. 

How does this help me?

  • We can clearly demonstrate accountability principles when audited. 
  • Customers can review what they signed up to.
  • We can be transparent with customers about how we use their data. 

Step #4

Keep on top of evolving data protection regulations

What does your business want?

  • A solution that can keep up with the changing and varying requirements of new regulations across the world. 

Why Can't I give my business units what they want?

  • No dedicated resource to research, review and interpret new regulatory requirements. It is time consuming to keep on top of a moving target. 
  • Each feature change needs a project. 
  • There are many competing priorities to support regulation changes. 

Whats the solution?

  • A solution that evolves to update features in line with global regulation and latest advice. 

How does this help me?

  • Less worry that i have not kept up to date with all changing regulations. 
  • No need to create a project for each incremental feature. 

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MyLife Digital is acknowledged as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner 2019 Market Guide for Consent and Preference Management​

Our simple to use cloud based consent and preference management solution, can be managed by marketing, with little impact on IT. Synchronisation across multiple, CRM, Web and other digital touchpoints. Alignment to global data privacy regulations, continuing to evolve as legislation changes.

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