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Customer Identity and Access Management Partnership

Linking digital identities to consent management is fundamental to provide a more rounded picture of someone’s digital self, delivering a richer experience without compromising privacy. We are proud to share that we’ve teamed up with Auth0 to offer a comprehensive integration of our two market leading solutions. 

Our consent and preference management platform can be integrated into any CIAM provider, however, through our partnership with Auth0 we deliver a deep technical solution driven by joint market research to bring CIAM and customer consent journeys together.

Auth0 integration overview

Why us?

Delivered by experts

MyLife Digital are a privacy-first organisation with over 6 years’ experience in consent and preference management, serving some of the largest enterprise organisations in transport, charity, utilities and hospitality. We develop solutions that bring people closer to their data. Empowering individuals and organisations to work in partnership to understand, control and gain mutual value from that data for positive outcomes.  

Unique approach

The team at MyLife Digital talk a lot about progressive consent. This is a unique feature of our platform to ask the right question at the right time and increase customer opt-ins. We’ve used our progressive consent tool to power our Auth0 integration, delivering a uniquely valuable consent management solution within your CIAM user journeys. Avoid consent fatigue and maximise opt-ins.


Our consent and preference management SaaS solution centralises consent and preference capture across all your digital touchpoints. Whether that be your CIAM user journeys or alternative customer engagement points. Centralising consents enhances customer trust and engagements to maximise opt-ins, boost communication and support compliance.

Joint resources

We often get together with the team at Auth0 to produce insightful content, share ideas and develop our joint technology offering. You can access some of this content here

J Cromack Co-founder of MLD          Aaron Provis Director of Engineering, MLD

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for Auth0
Consent and Preference Management... made simple
£ 200
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  • Flexible Consent Manangement
  • Progressive Consent
  • Hosted Page
  • Compliant Audit Trail
  • Easily Configurable Preference Centre
  • Data Import & Export (incl. webhooks)
  • Merge & Split Records
  • Un-Auth Widget
  • CRM Widget
  • Linked Citizens
  • -
  • Unlimited Customer Engagment Modules (Templates)
  • 5 x Admin Users
  • +
  • Dashboard Manager
  • Cookie Manager
  • Third-party data to first-party data widget​

FAQ’s about Consent and Preference Management with CIAM

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) enables organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control customer access to applications and services

Our integration with Auth0 covers two common use cases of consent and CIAM. Utilising our expertise Consentric can be implemented into any CIAM solution. To access common CIAM and Consent use cases download the guide here (coming soon)

Yes. Our consent and preference management platform can be integrated into any CIAM solution. Contact us for more information.

Yes. MyLife Digital has a pedigree of privacy by design and default. Privacy and human-centricity is built into every solution we take to market. To run due diligence on the application please access our security documentation here (coming soon)

Implementation time depends on a number of variables such as number of data sources, customer journeys, feature requirements and volume of data. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Our platform does not store any personal data. Whether you are using Auth0 or another system to surface the consents and preferences, we use a URN that matches the consent data to the personal data with only consent data stored on our platform

Yes. Our platform is a collection of APIs, integrations and clever tooling that allows customers to embed consent and preference management across multiple internal data systems and marketing technologies right through to customer facing applications and web front ends.

We’ve put together a tailored package for customers of Auth0 wishing to access the integration. For general pricing please visit our pricing page here or contact the team a quotation.

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