Consent & Preference Management Platform

Universal Consent & Preference Management... made simple

Consolidate and centralise your customer data giving you a single source of truth to develop authentic relationships with personalised communications to drive opt-ins, boost engagement, increase brand trust and ensure compliance.

  • Increase opt-ins
  • Boost Engagement
  • Ensure Compliance

Make the right start with your customers

Collect consent and preference details from your sign-up form so you can build relevant and authentic relationships…

  • A sign-up widget can be easily embedded into your sign-up page.
  • No need to have a customer record in advance.
  • Review the quality of information collected at sign up and filter before you use it.

Build trust

Build trust by delivering a self-serve capability for consent and preferences from within your apps and websites…

  • Easily embed and style your ‘my account’ widget into your apps and web pages.
  • Generate unique tokens to ensure customers can securely view and manage their consents and preferences.

Give your customers options

Keep communication channels open and maintain customer relationships by giving choice rather than blanket selections.

  • Easily tailor unsubscribes from email flows to granular consents and preferences.
  • Secure access using unique tokens.

Simple for staff to use

Allow staff to view and manage consent and preferences from within your systems using our Salesforce App or CRM widget…

Salesforce App
  • Out of the box consent and preference management to display permissions data at the various points of customer interaction
  • Enable Sales, Marketing, Service and Financial Services Clouds
  • Works with leads and contacts in Tasks and Cases
CRM Widget
  • Use widget technology for a light touch integration that enables the review and management of consent and preferences.
  • Pass in additional variables to record the CRM user and system in the transaction audit history.
  • Available for Dynamics and other leading CRMs.

Tailor your message

Tailor the message across your digital estate to multiple touchpoints, each displaying the appropriate request…

  • Central control of widgets through templates ensure message is consistent.
  • Updates to consent framework can be easily made with no IT support required.

Drive marketing activity

Synchronise to drive marketing activity based on accurate permission and preference state…

  • API connectivity for CRMs to email service providers, single customer views, campaign management tools and data warehouses.
  • Ensure consent and preference data is not only centralised but can be distributed where you need it most.

Capture consent and prevent fatigue

Capture progressive consent to prevent consent fatigue and capture targeted permissions…

  • Capture priority consents which have the most value without driving negative behaviour and frustrating customers.
  • Configure rules to define what is shown (e.g. existing consent which will soon expire, missing consents, convert denied to granted).

Gain insight

Benefit from our simple to view and use KPI dashboards…

  • Allow marketing and database teams to be more targeted with a view of their contactable customer base
  • Track trends over time to understand and help plan for future activity

Simplify your systems

Improve compliance

complies with GDPR

Consentric aligns with existing data privacy regulation and will continue to evolve as legislation changes

Simple to use

Our easy to use platform can be centrally managed by marketing, compliance and IT with no resource or skills impact for support and maintenance

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  • Consentric acts as your centralised store of permissions & preferences and is simple to integrate with your existing systems and processes. To help you get up and running as quickly as possible we offer a range of professional service packages
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Connect with your existing systems

Our flexible API means that you can connect to Consentric from your existing business, sales and marketing platforms
Levels of integration functionality may vary between systems. Please contact us for more detailed information