Dawn Of The Data Savvy Consumer

Having worked as an IT professional in a variety of industries, I used to have a vague appreciation that organisations required certain information about me in order to function and provide the goods and service they did.

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However, it wasn’t until I started working at MyLife Digital (MLD) last year that I really appreciated the fact that my data is my asset, to be shared as I would my money or time.  

I attempt to be a conscientious consumer in my day to day life, where possible I choose sustainably produced products and I like to support my local businesses and recycle whenever I remember. I have always believed that choosing companies that support my ability to do these things helps grow the types of businesses I want to use. So why should I be any different with my online providers? 

While working with MLD’s Consentric platform, I have gained a better understanding of what companies could be offering me with regards to preference and permissions capture and I now find myself being more selective with where I spend my online time.  

I refuse to use any website that does not give me options over how I use my data. I may not want to be bombarded by emails about every product they have, but a weekly update about deals on products of interest is worth my data. 

I am currently in the process of finding a new paid-for email provider, having reached a point of frustration with my current provider continually bombarding me for generic consent every time I use a different method to connect to their services. A clear request for specific permissions that are associated with me as a consumer and not my device is what I expect. 

I find myself being more vocal to family and friends about the importance of using their data power wisely because I recognise the value it can produce for both myself, as well as the organisations I chose to share it with.  

These things are not difficult to achieve and so I want to know why so many organisations are failing to do it successfully. 

I am not alone; it is quite clear consumers are quickly awakening to organisations needs for their data. Only a few companies help consumers understand what they are offering in return.  

I believe the companies that will thrive will be the ones that can best quantify and communicate the value to consumers of sharing our data.  

For more information on how Consentric could help your organisation demonstrate the value to consumers of sharing their data please visit https://mylifedigital.co.uk/consentric/ 

Prasanya Sahadevan

Prasanya Sahadevan

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