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Simple to Implement Understand

Easy to Understand Implement

An out of the box consent & preference management platform that can connect to any system – with the extensibility to fit your needs

Consent & Preference Management made simple

Create a compliant web form in minutes without the need to understand regulation

With a few lines of code you can have Consentric integrated into any web application, compliantly.

Check out the Quick Start Guides to help you succeed on your implementation.

Consent & Preference Management made simple

Deliver self-serve capability for consent and preferences in web pages and apps

Consent & Preference Management made simple

Fast track consent and preference management in native mobile apps

Consent & Preference Management made simple

Sample backend integration patterns

4 building blocks to support compliance on your web form

Why do you process data?

Easily configure your data processing activity – Who, Where, Why and for how long are you capturing consent

Have the flexibility to quickly implement updates to these activities using Consentric’s intuitive UIs

Be open and honest

Use embeddable components that are structured to support open and honest communication with your customers (note – you and your compliance team will still need to get the language right)

Multiple configurations can be created and managed to reflect different user journeys and use cases

Give marketing and compliance control

The embeddable components enable marketing and compliance teams to make updates (wording, consent options, privacy notices and privacy policies) through the Consentric management UI without your involvement

Keep a record of changes

Demonstrate for each consent change: what data has been collected, why it is being used, who is using the data, when it was collected and where it was obtained.

Connect with your existing systems

Our flexible API means that you can connect to Consentric from your existing business, sales and marketing platforms
Levels of integration functionality may vary between systems. Please contact us for more detailed information