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Guestbook, by MyLife Digital puts privacy at the heart of their application, helping businesses for contact tracing purposes

MyLife Digital, specialists in consent and preference management, have launched Guestbook, an easy to use app, to support pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, and other businesses that are expected to keep records of customers visiting their premises. MyLife Digital prides itself on the values of trust, transparency, and accountability, ensuring individuals data is protected, used for the purpose it is intended and stored in a secure and compliant manner.

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As businesses open their doors for the first time since lockdown, Government guidelines imply that certain businesses ‘must’ keep a record of visiting customers for contact tracing purposes. There are currently a number of new applications being offered to small and medium businesses in regard to contact tracing, but with many come concerns over data privacy and data usage. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), states that caution must be taken, ensuring personal data is only used and stored for the purpose for which it is intended, in this case contact tracing.  If organisations want to use this data for marketing, another consent must be obtained and this must be clearly stated, in order to ensure that there is no hidden agenda. 

The administrative process of collecting data manually, ensuring details are securely stored and subsequently destroyed, has caused extra work and data protection concerns for many business owners and staff. Guestbook by MyLife Digital is available to all organisations who want to ensure that individual records are captured and deleted where necessary, simply, securely and managed in line with data protection regulations and Government guidance that relates to record-keeping for NHS Test and Trace purposes. 

Customer data is subject to strict regulations and where collected for test and trace reasons cannot be used for any other purpose. To further support small businesses, the app includes an option to collect consent from customers for marketing purposes. Customers will have the choice to opt-in or not. MyLife Digital recognise the challenges these businesses have faced over the last few months and make it simple to promote offers, promotions and event information to those opted-in customers compliantly, so they can build up their businesses once again. Personal data is securely encrypted, authenticated, only accessed for the purpose it was intended and critically, in line with the GDPR.

About Guestbook

About MyLife Digital 

Reinforcing Trust By Rethinking Personal Data 

MyLife Digital develop solutions that bring people closer to their data, empowering individuals and organisations to work in partnership to understand, control and gain mutual value from that data, for positive outcomes. With over 6 years’ experience in consent and preference management, serving some of the largest enterprise organisations in transport, charity, utilities and hospitality, MyLife Digital understand the importance of handling personal data and provide tools to ensure that GDPR data is captured in an auditable way.

Reinforce Trust – MyLife Digital helps organisations and the individuals they serve build trusted relationships based on their data. 

Increase Transparency – MyLife Digital wants to show organisations how they can improve the quality of their consumer data by being more transparent.

Empower Individuals – MyLife Digital encourages individuals to actively engage in decisions and have control over the use of their data.

Be Accountable – MyLife Digital wants organisations to be held accountable to put individuals’ rights to data protection and privacy at the heart of the consumer experience.  

MyLife Digital

MyLife Digital

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