Independence Day Requires Your Consent

After 15 weeks of being forced to close their doors, pubs, restaurants, cafes and even holiday parks will be opening soon; This is great news for businesses, the economy, and for individuals social engagements, but it comes with challenges. To ensure safety and limit the chances of another Covid outbreak, there are strict rules being applied. Government guidelines imply these businesses must keep a record of visiting customers for contact tracing purposes. We have yet to hear any updates from the ICO on their guidelines.

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Could this new collection of personal data be used for other reasons outside of it’s original purpose, like marketing? We hope not. As personal data is captured, there are questions that should be asked; why are you asking for my data? For what purpose? For how long? And how are you storing it? As a bare minimum, this should be detailed in your Privacy Policy along with details on when and how you are capturing this information. But there is a flaw in this method, as our own research* shows, 73% of our audience found it difficult to understand how their data is being used by organisations as there is not enough information being shared. Shockingly only 2% felt organisations were truly transparent.  

This is an ideal time for companies in the hospitality sector to reinforce trust, increase transparency, empower individuals and be accountable to put individuals’ rights to data protection and privacy at the heart of the consumer experience.

Following a recent hospitality webinar, there were a couple of possible ideas being shared, one pub chain indicated they could use social media connections to share with wider audiences who are attending,  but even this level of activity requires consent.

Some organisations are preparing to use booking type companies, but there are concerns, as typically only the lead persons details are captured when booking, however the Government guidelines mandate all attendees must provide their details, therefore consent will be a required to use this data for the sole purpose it was intended (contact tracing). If organisations want to use this data for marketing, another consent must be obtained. Booking companies could be the answer, but their solutions will need to be tweaked from the traditional transactions used, pre-coronavirus.

MyLife Digital can help organisations by providing a Consent and Preferences solution to help reinforce trust, increase transparency, empower individuals and enable organisations to be accountable in these uncertain times

Neil Evans

Neil Evans

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