Get Ready For When Normality Returns & Maximise Customer Engagements

I’m very fortunate to be working with a forward looking and thinking organisation in the travel and transport sector. They, like many, have seen their passenger numbers fall by over 90%.

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We were in the middle of several parallel projects designed to maximise customer engagements when the lockdown started.  At that point, my customer could have turned round to me and said ‘Sorry Rich, all our projects are on hold’.  After all, what would be the sense of carrying on when there are no customers?  Makes sense, right?   

Of course, when you read that back, it actually makes no sense at all to stop or even delay projects that are designed to better engage with their customers and offer them what they want.  My customer sees that.  They want to be ready.  They actually want to accelerate implementation to be ready when the lockdown starts to lift.   

The question was, therefore ‘Rich, can we have more of your team’s time, please? We have deadlines to meet’.  Of course! 

MyLife Digital is helping as much as possible during this time and concludes, for organisations to maximise customer engagements, don’t delay, now is the time to get ready for when normality returns.

Rich Nichols

Rich Nichols

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