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Requirement #1

Unified, Consistent Solution

The Situation

Consent and preference capture strategies have and will continue to evolve across multiple systems. Each system commonly has its own processes for consent and preference management.

The Problem

Consents and preferences change. Systems either fall behind in their capture methods or require significant effort to adapt and maintain consistency.
Downstream processes increase in complexity, in the worst case, processes fail and data integrity is

The Solution

Adopt a system which connects to your existing solutions, centralises and simplifies consent and preference management, improves data consistency and removes complexity from downstream processes.

Requirement #2


But If It Was That Simple You’d Do It Yourself

The Situation

I will commonly have numerous client-facing and internal solutions which include consent and preference management. These consents and preferences must be honoured when processing customer data.

The Problem

With multiple customer
journeys comes complexity. Each requires manipulation to be consistent and/or bespoke processes to transfer data prior to processing. In the worst case data becomes siloed and doesn’t get taken into account prior to processing.

The Solution

Adopt a system that allows you to connect your systems with out of the box components, fully documented API’s and standard integration patterns.

Requirement #3


Preferably “Out of the Box”

The Situation

Compliance is becoming an ever-increasing aspect of all IT solutions with more rigorous rules and regulations surrounding data.

The Problem

I’m not an expert in compliance and I would rather focus on building intelligent systems and architecture, adding value to my companies core proposition.

The Solution

Adopt a solution designed to meet consent and preference regulatory requirements through simple configuration.

Requirement #4

Minimise Ongoing Maintenance

The Situation

As business processes change, I handle an increasing amount of ongoing change requests.

The Problem

A large amount of my time is spent fielding small maintenance requests or adapting systems. I’d rather focus on building new intelligent systems and architecture and minimise ongoing management.

The Solution

Adopt a solution that includes a centralised management framework so administrators can self serve the vast majority of requests themselves.

Requirement #5

A Simple, Streamlined Delivery Method

The Situation

Changes to the consent and preference management process impacts numerous systems across my tech stack.

The Problem

Introducing a new consent and preference management solution can be a timely process with multiple stakeholders involved. I also have to contend with project roadmaps.

The Solution

Adopt a solution that allows you to intelligently deliver a working solution, building and connecting to all touchpoints when you’re ready.

About us

Who we are

MyLife Digital is acknowledged as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner 2019 Market Guide for Consent and Preference Management.

Our simple to use cloud based consent and preference management solution can be managed by marketing, with little impact on IT. Synchronisation across multiple CRM, Web and other digital touchpoints. Alignment to global data protection regulations, continuing to evolve as legislation changes.

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