Know Your Customer From The Start Using Consentric

More and more customers are using online products and services. It is a fact of life – we are more connected than ever. Critically, what your customer sees as valuable likely takes many forms and can change from day to day.

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Tailoring your marketing content and getting the message right is key to gaining trust from your customers, so make sure you gather the right information from day one with Consentric permissions & preferences. 

Consentric can be added to your site today to: 

  • Highlight the value of opting-in, with dynamic value displays.  
  • Clarify how customer data is used, with granular permissions. 
  • Prevent blanket opt-outs, with tailored preferences. 

We are seeing organisations turn away from long and confusing privacy policies that once buried their data processing activity and are instead stripping them back to shine a light on them.   
Simplicity and transparency from the outset breeds trust that you value your customers and their personal data.  Our experience shows that this increased trust also increases positive engagement and assists in retaining your marketing consents. 
Check us out at MyLife Digital for more information and a free 3-month free trial. 

Dom Aviss

Dom Aviss

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