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Marketer's Guide

4 steps to serve the modern consumer

Gain a competitive advantage. Adopt a smarter approach to customer consent and preference data

Step #1

Be 100% Confident In The Quality Of Your Consent Data

Data-driven marketing needs 100% confidence in who you can market to. Accurate consent is key. Step 1 – Get an accurate, real-time view of your customers’ consent status from any of your systems.

What does
the customer want?

To decide how you use and share their data, with confidence that these choices will be upheld.

Why Can't I give My
customer what they want?

Customer consent and preference data is in multiple systems so I’m not 100% sure of the accuracy. I can’t compliantly share customer data with third parties.

the Solution?

Baseline your current activities. Implement a centralised, compliant, consent solution. Store new and existing consents, in real-time. Build confidence in the consent status of your database.

How does
this help me?

Know which customers you can market to. Confidently share data with third parties. Free up time to focus on product, service and campaigns that increase revenue.

Step #2

Significantly Improve customer engagement

Campaigns are only effective if your customers are engaged with you. Let them take control of how you engage with them to drive a better customer relationship.

What does the customer want?

Control over how you communicate with them. Allow them to choose:

Why can't I give my customer what they want?

I can’t capture and manage customer preferences to the level my customers want; I struggle to engage effectively with them, and it leads to:

the solution?

Improve customer engagement, embed advanced self-service consent and preference capture techniques throughout their journey.

Encourage customers to engage with you across multiple devices and interfaces linking to the centralised platform.

How does
this help me?

You can provide greater choice to your customers and learn the best methods to communicate with them.

Driving the personalised experience your customers deserve and expect.

Step #3

Combat Low Opt-In Rates & Unsubscribes

Low opt-in rates and unsubscribes prohibit most marketeers from doing what they do best. This leads to wasted time, effort and money on campaigns that don’t reach as many customers as you want.

What does
the customer want?

To be presented with relevant options at the right time during their online journey. Not be continually bombarded with generic, often irrelevant options

Why Can't I give My
customer what they want?

I only offer a generic one size fits all, non-personalised user experience that makes for disengaged customers and often causes low opt-in rates & unsubscribes.

How does
this help me?

You can concentrate on growing the most relevant opt-ins for individual customers, through flexible targeted messaging, without creating consent fatigue, and focus on getting opted-out customers back.

the Solution?

Progressively capture granular levels of targeted consent and preferences during the customer journey, to drive personalised engaging experiences.

Step #4

Convey the value of your offerings to your customers

Empower marketeers to provide additional and contextual information, at appropriate decision points. This will influence their consent choices by demonstrating value gained from opting in.

What does the customer want?

Understand the benefits of agreeing to be marketed to before they opt-in.

Why Can't I give my customers what they want?

I can only provide basic static preference choices. I cannot demonstrate the value of opting-in to specific options to my customers during their interaction with me.

Whats the solution?

Create value statements, displayed at the time a customer makes that decision to opt-in or opt-out. Emphasise the benefits and drawbacks of making consent choices to increase the number of opt-ins and decrease opt-outs

How does this help me?

You can positively influence the customers choices by providing simple value messages at the time of consent capture

Drive revenue

What the research shows

A recent McKinsey survey of senior marketing leaders finds that only 15 percent of CMOs believe their company is on the right track with personalization. But there’s a big incentive to figure it out. Today’s personalization leaders have found proven ways to drive 5 to 15 percent increases in revenue and 10 to 30 percent increases in marketing-spend efficiency—predominantly by deploying product recommendations and triggered communications within singular channels.

Companys' off track
Potential Revenue Increase
Potential Marketing Spend Savings

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MyLife Digital is acknowledged as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner 2019 Market Guide for Consent and Preference Management​

Our simple to use cloud based consent and preference management solution, can be managed by marketing, with little impact on IT. Synchronisation across multiple, CRM, Web and other digital touchpoints. Alignment to global data privacy regulations, continuing to evolve as legislation changes.

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