The Evolution of digital identities, consent and cookies

In today’s digital environment, the bar has been reset when it comes to remote working, e-commerce, e-learning and streaming services. This webinar will explore how organisations have typically – and are now – approaching Identity and Access Management (IAM) adoption and implementation and the role that consent plays. Particularly as compliance requirements around consumer data evolves, the complexity of managing identities and consent to maintain security and trust are more important than ever.

Join MyLifeDigital and Auth0 as we discuss:

  • The value of centralising digital identities across applications and services
  • The power of APIs and extensibility
  • The consumer privacy paradox
  • Linking progressive profiling and consent
  • What that all means for an organisation – from developers to marketers – to have a joined up approach to managing your customers’ digital identities

*Please note, as this webinar is hosted by both Auth0 and MyLifeDigital, your registration details will be visible to both parties.

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