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A bold new initiative to shape the new normal of data has arrived – MyData Operator 2020 status awarded to MyLife Digital

As the CEOs of US data giants face inquiry in the country’s senate, an alternative to data-hoarding by the few and the powerful is emerging. In an unprecedented collaboration across competitors from all corners of the world, 16 organisations have emerged as the inaugural wave of awardees of MyData Operator 2020. These forward-thinking organisations have chosen to pool their experience and expertise in order to pave the way for responsible personal data ecosystems which are designed from the ground up to empower the people themselves.

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“We believe open ecosystems which provide people real choices between good alternatives are the new normal for personal data and digital services that rely on it. The current situation, investigated by the US senate, is unsustainable both from a human and a market perspective,”

Explains Teemu Ropponen – General Manager at MyData Global
(the organisation behind the award)

Today,  MyLife Digital was awarded the inaugural status of MyData Operator 2020. The award was given to 16 world-leading organisations from 12 countries, all working for humans-centric approaches to personal data.

The MyData Operator 2020 Award was created by the internationally recognised nonprofit MyData Global. The award acknowledges organisations that place the individual at the centre of personal data about them, provide tools to help them manage personal data, and have the individual as the primary beneficiary of this data.

A MyData operator, as described in the white paper Understanding MyData Operators, is a provider of infrastructure for personal data management and a key element in creating sustainable ecosystems for fair and ethical use of personal data.  MyData operators provide interoperability at the technical, informational and governance levels to support the flow of personal data across services. They are examples of a human-centric approach to what the recent EU data strategy calls “novel data intermediaries” and which are set to play a critical role in the provision of the strategy’s vision of data spaces.

Organisations applying for MyData Operator 2020 status were required to demonstrate how they create agency for human-centric data control, and how data and value flow in their ecosystems. To be considered for the award, these organisations had to show how their services have the potential to interoperate within the ecosystem, and each other.

Radical collaboration for human-centric data control

The awarded organisations are working together with their competitors on areas of mutual interest to create a successful, interoperable personal data ecosystem.

The 16 organisations awarded MyData Operator 2020 status represent multiple countries and service types. Some offer broad services directly to individuals, some have very focused offerings in just one sector, while some, including MyLife Digital provide technologies and infrastructure for others to build human-centric services. They can now use the MyData Operator 2020 logo and assert that they have been ‘awarded the status of MyData Operator 2020 by MyData Global in recognition of their operation of human-centric infrastructure for personal data management and sharing.’

“We are thrilled to be awarded the MyData Operator status, along with 15 other organisations.  We founded MyLife Digital with a vision, to live in a world where ‘your’ data powers positive outcomes for ‘you’ and society as whole. To make this vision a reality it is essential we work together with other MyData Operators to deliver the standards and interoperability to ensure scale and adoption of the MyData principles.  Ultimately, it is individuals who will benefit from increased transparency, better choices and more innovative and responsible services personalised to their needs.”

J Cromack, co-founder of MyLife Digital

Moving forward into 2021, the award criteria will develop to strengthen the requirements to build data flows between services and further enhance transparency on the journey of interoperability and the open ecosystems it enables.

More information

The organisations awarded the MyData Operator 2020 status:

For more information contact:
MyLife Digital
MyData Operator 2020
Phone: 01225 636280

Joss Langford
MyData Operators Thermatic Group
Phone: 01392 247131

About MyLife Digital:

MyLife Digital develops solutions that bring people closer to their data. Empowering individuals and organisations to work in partnership to understand, control and gain mutual value from that data for positive outcomes. 

Reinforce Trust – MyLife Digital helps organisations and the individuals they serve build trusted relationships based on their data. 
Increase Transparency – MyLife Digital wants to show organisations how they can improve the quality of their consumer data by being more transparent.
Empower Individuals – MyLife Digital encourages individuals to actively engage in decisions and have control over the use of their data.
Be Accountable – MyLife Digital wants organisations to be held accountable to put individuals’ rights to data protection and privacy at the heart of the consumer experience.  

About MyData Global:

MyData Global is an award-winning international nonprofit. The purpose of MyData Global is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data. MyData Global has nearly 90 organisation members and over 600 individual members across industries, and from over 50 countries, on six continents. The nonprofit facilitates the MyData community of several thousand personal data experts and enthusiasts.

MyData is described in the recently published EU data strategy as a promising initiative for empowering citizens through exercising their digital rights.

About MyData Operators Thematic Group:

The MyData Operators Thematic Group seeks to promote the MyData operator approach to human-centric personal data management and to contribute to a common understanding of that approach both within the MyData community and more widely. We bring together the best minds to provide thought leadership to inform technological and business initiatives. We focus on practical aspects of technology and governance to make the operation of infrastructures for personal data sharing, use and management easier and more human-centric, with the long-term goal of establishing full interoperability between operators. We meet regularly and create publications to support operators, other MyData members, and the global personal data community. We seek to inspire the development of human-centric operator technologies, business models, and public policy that embody the MyData principles and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

List of all the awarded operators

Operator’s brand name  The legal name of organisation providing servicesCountry (or countries) of organisation registrationCountries in which services are deliveredWebpage
OcktoOckto B.V.NetherlandsNetherlands
SchlussFoundation development SchlussNetherlandsNetherlands
Diabetes ServicesDiabetes Services ApSDenmarkDenmark, EU
MyfairdataFAIR AND SMARTFranceFrance
MyDataShareVastuu Group LtdFinlandFinland
SeLFesatus AGGermanyGermany
DataYogi  Information Answers LtdUnited Kingdom    United Kingdom, EU, North America
MyLife Digital    MyLife Digital LimitedUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
OwnYourDataGemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung der selbstständigen Nutzung von DatenAustriaGlobal, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Europe
NumbersNumbers Co., Ltd.TaiwanTaiwan, Global
CozyCozy CloudFranceFrance
PersoniumFujitsu Ltd.Japan and other global locationsJapan, Korea, UK, Finland, France
MeecoMeeco Group Pty LtdAustralia, Belgium, United KingdomAustralia, Benelux, France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA LimitedUK, US, Netherlands, BosniaEurope, US, Australia
FairdropDatafund d.o.o.SloveniaSlovenia, Finland, Switzerland, Europe
iGrant.ioLCubed ABSweden, IndiaSweden, Finland, Denmark, Singapore, UAE and India
MyLife Digital

MyLife Digital

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