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Consent & Preference Management for Salesforce

The only CPMP available on
Salesforce AppExchange

The Salesforce CRM Business guide to
Consent & Preference Management.
Now with a Checklist too.


- Things to Consider when Choosing a Solution

- What is Consent & Preference Management?

  • Looking beyond the basics
  • How to find a compliant solution
  • Rapid Growth – Can you keep up?

- Why use a Consent & Preference Management Platform?

  • 6 business benefits from consent and preferences engagement done properly
  • How to improve Customer Information Capture
  • How to increase Customer Engagement
  • Progressive Profile Building
  • Reduce ‘Blanket’ Unsubscribes
  • Self-serve Functioanlity
  • How to get a single source of data truth across all of your business systems 

- Why your Current Salesforce solutions might not be working for you

  • Your current capabilities are limited
  • You can’t integrate across your other systems
  • Your IT team can’t support your evolving needs

- Purchase & Implementation Decision Making

  • 5 Critical steps to buying a Consent & preference Management Solution

- Adoption Challenge/Checklist

  • Challenges for modern organisations

- Typical Use case

- Consent & Preference Management Platform for Salesforce Buying Guide Checklist

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