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Fast forward x months, you have to forgive the inner mathematician, the lockdown has ended and the health impacts of the Coronavirus are behind us; people now move without fear of other humans; people get as much toilet paper and pasta as they want, delivered when they want; pensioners have returned to shops and spend time talking to checkout assistants while impatient shoppers in the queue behind them huff; non-essential workers are returning to ‘non-essential’ offices to do ‘non-essential’ jobs. The world can return to Business-As-Usual, but will it?

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Dawn Of The Data Savvy Consumer

Having worked as an IT professional in a variety of industries, I used to have a vague appreciation that organisations required certain information about me in order to function and provide the goods and service they did.


Mental Health Whilst Working at Home

A lot has been written around the mental health impact of the current enforced working from home necessitated by social distancing and I think we’ve all seen the headlines of the advice of how to stay sane and looking after our mental health whilst working at home.

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Facing at least another 3 weeks lockdown, with a very uncertain future, is daunting for all households. In particular, for those of us trying to juggle full time jobs and full time childcare or home-schooling. My husband and I both work a 5-day week, with my husband required to work away from home 2 days a week. Both of us are now sharing the new responsibility of our two pre-school aged children Noah, 3 and Annie, 2.


Do We Really Want So Many Choices?

I’ve heard vast numbers quoted about the thousands of choices the average person makes each day. According to a Cornell University study we make 226 choices each day on food alone (I’m sure these have become more focused during this lock-down). As the importance of our choices becomes greater, the need to remove ‘the noise’ is increasingly important – Obama cut down on ‘non-vital decisions’ by wearing only blue or grey suits.


Trust & Control – Ensuring Data Privacy in a Time of Crisis

Never has the phrase “Things have changed” been more relevant. Even though the east to west spread of Corona virus was predicted and the lockdown seemed inevitable, we could never have expected just how much life and business would be affected.

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