MyLife Digital was acquired by DataGuard in April 2021

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What’s changing now MyLife Digital is acquired by DataGuard

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We've been acquired by DataGuard, and as we move over to the team, things may change a little – here's all you need to know

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Spring is all about new beginnings, and this month we’ve found a new home at DataGuard – a leading privacy and infosec SaaS company, based in Munich, Berlin and London with over 1,500 customers in over 30 countries. On Wednesday 21, April we started the move to the DataGuard team. An exciting new chapter to work as one team to protect the people behind the data. 

Since MyLife Digital was founded in 2014, we’ve developed a leading Consent & Preference Management platform that gives over 30 million consumers more control over their data. This is now part of the DataGuard Suite, and will soon be fully integrated to their Privacy as a service platform. 

Time for a refresh 

As we move over to DataGuard things may change a little – here’s a few things you should know: 

Our brand name: We’re in the process of moving everything over to , we will no longer have a MyLife Digital online presence. All our digital channels will be rebranded to DataGuard and our product will be known as DataGuard Consent. 

Our people: The lovely people at MyLife Digital will simply change hats – we’ve now become the new Guards and Guardettes, focused on driving our shared mission to protect the people behind the data. 

Our products and prices: DataGuard Consent features and price will stay the same for the time being. With more investment we will be able to develop new features quickly. In addition, DataGuard’s Privacy as a service solution is a perfect complement to our consent and preference platform, as it helps you navigate the first steps in the data privacy journey – organising all your processes to ensure you’re compliant. 

Our communications: The team remains incredibly passionate about data privacy and will continue to share news, blogs and our opinions on everything relevant in the industry. If you signed up to our newsletter, we will continue to keep you updated – the only difference is it will come from a DataGuard email address. 

This is an incredible time for MyLife Digital. Together as one team, we now have the end-to-end data privacy journey covered for any organisation looking to enhance their data protection and privacy processes to gain a competitive advantage. 

If you would like to take a look at DataGuard Consent and understand how it can help your business increase marketing engagement join our webinar on

Join the Webinar: DataGuard Consent: Best-in-Class Consent and Preference Management in Action on May 25th at 10:00h EST / 15:00h GMT / 16:00h CET  


J Cromack

J Cromack

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